Liver transplant in India

Liver Transplant Specialist in India

Which is a powerful word that evokes really strong feelings in anyone who hears it? We believe it is ‘Cancer’. All About Seniors is well aware of the fact that this word is associated with fear but it’s all a myth. Many people have this preconceived notion that cancer is incurable but studies says that many types of cancer can be cured even in an advanced stage. It may seem scarier than the reality because of these myths and believes of all. One of the most important parts of our body is liver, the largest and hardest working organ .It cleans every cell in your body, filtering out toxins, metabolizes nutrients and making and storing the fuel your body needs

What is Liver Cancer?

Liver cancer is the sixth most frequently occurring cancer in the world.It is the leading cause of cancer death, claiming the lives of 600,000 people annually. Men are more than twice as likely to develop cancer in their lifetime. Liver cancer can be a sort of tumor that influence the liver area .This kind of cancer is generally called as hematoma or primary liver cancer.Liver tumors are discovered on medical imaging equipment (often by accident) or present themselves symptomatically as an abdominal mass, abdominal pain, yellow skin, nausea or liver dysfunction.

What is the cause?

It's not clear what causes liver cancer. But in some cases, chronic infection with certain hepatitis viruses can cause liver cancer

  • Chronic infection with the hepatitis B virus (HBV) or hepatitis C virus (HCV) increases risk of liver cancer.
  • People with diabetes have a greater risk of liver cancer than those who don't have diabetes.

How is the Treatment done?

The medications for tumor of the liver are primitive by the measure of sickness, age, general well being, the sentiments and individual inclinations. The surgery is the best treatment for cancer of the liver primitive, however that is not generally conceivable as a result of the size or the area of the tumor.

  • Partial hepatectomy: Surgery to evacuate part of the liver is called partial hepatectomy. This operation is considered for a solitary tumor that has not developed into veins.
  • Two-stage surgery: Individuals with tumors in both sides of the liver now and again require two operations:

    • A fractional hepatectomy is done to expel tumors from one side of the liver.
    • If enough of the liver has regrow the tumours in the second side will be removed duringanother partial hepatectomy
  • Liver transplant: Transplantation includes evacuating the whole liver and supplanting it with a liver from someone else (a contributor). There is a possibility that this treatment could cure essential liver cancer, however it is by and large just utilized as a part of individuals with little tumors

The success rate of liver transplant relies on upon how the body acknowledges the new liver. If it gets adjusted to the new liver, then the patient can go back to normal life inside a year. The success rate of liver transplant at one year is around 85-90%. Yet, now and again, the patients may face the recurrence of the disease, entanglements of drugs and some symptoms of the pharmaceuticals. Low cost of liver transplant in India has made the country a great choice for treatment for patients across the globe.