" You can often have these meetings with mental and behavioral health professionals and urgent care clinics, as well. "

How does our Telemedicine work?

  • Share Your Request: Fill up the request form for a consultation with the required details. Submit the form to proceed for online consultation with the specialist.
  • Medical Advisory Team: Our Medical expert will connect with you to understand your medical requirement and carefully choosing the best specialist as per your case for Telemedicine.
  • Fixing up appointment: After analyzing, our medical expert will recommend you with a doctor profile from the specialty for consultation and also confirm their availability slots for a video consultation.
  • Payment for Consultation: Once the specialist is finalized, we will send you an invoice and payment link over email/WhatsApp. You can click the link to make the payment.
  • Online Specialist Consultation: Once the payment is made, we will confirm your consultation, and the details are shared with you. Recommendation and Follow-Up Post consultation specialist prescription would be shared, and further, our advisor will be in touch for future follow-ups and treatment.


For Many Issues, but Not All

  • Telemedicine can do many things. But it can’t replace all doctor visits
  • If you have a long-term illness, you can use it to share home readings like blood pressure and blood sugar level and to talk to your doctor about them.

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