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Medical Tourism in India

India is a hot destination for medical tourism from the USA, Africa, Middle East UAE, Fiji, Malaysia, Cuba, Mauritius and Maldives . Medical tourism to India inflows from many European countries, countries of Middle East and many western countries. Major part of medical tourism to India is constituted by medical tourism from the USA, medical tourism from UK, medical tourism from Australia, medical tourism from Kenya and medical tourism from Afghanistan. It is a rapidly expanding sector in India.

We offer 100% Medical Assistance Pre, during and Post Treatment in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad & Gurugram.

Our Medical Concierge Services are available for Domestic and International clients.

Low cost and better treatment available in India

Medical tourism from the USA and medical tourism from Australia to Delhi NCR is mainly due to the reason that medical facilities and treatments are available in India at significantly lower costs than the other parts of world, transparency in the prices and presence of highly experienced doctors in India. India is a very modern, god fearing and competitive country, here we have health care facilities, advanced medical technologies and lesser waiting periods are the factors attracting a fair amount of medical tourism from Afghanistan and medical tourism from Kenya to India. Lower costs, availability of latest technology, immediate access for treatment in India, highly experienced and well trained professionals, ease of international travel and support of the government for medical tourism have boosted this sector. Despite the language diversity of India, Despite India’s diversity of languages, English is an official language and is widely spoken by most people and almost universally by medical professionals in India. This makes communication between the doctors and patients from the USA, Australia or UK easier and comfortable.

The Medical Tourism Market Report: 2022 found that India was “one of the lowest cost and highest quality of all medical tourism destinations, it offers a wide variety of procedures at about one-tenth the cost of similar procedures in the United States. The cost factor plays the most crucial role in medical tourism from USA to India as it means that US citizens can avail the same medical treatments of the same quality and variety in India at much lower costs. The majority of patients coming to India from the USA come for surgical procedures namely knee replacement, hip replacement, organ transplants, dental surgeries to name a few. Reproductive treatments such as egg donation and surrogacy contribute a fair share of medical tourism from the USA to India. India has 28 JCI accredited hospitals. However, for a patient travelling to India from the USA, finding the right doctor-hospital combination is vital.

NTP Healthcare

www.ntphealthcare.com is a one stop destination for foreign and domestic patients aiming to get medical treatment in Delhi NCR Region. NTP Healthcare provides best treatment options in cardiology, cancer treatment, orthopedics surgery, infertility treatment, multi-organ transplant, gastroenterology, ENT surgery, bariatric surgery, ophthalmology, dentistry, urology, cosmetic surgery and neurology & neurosurgery, cardiology, Doctorvalley.com helps the patients abroad in enquiry and selection of appropriate treatment plan, obtaining visa, planning of travel to India, getting the treatment and arranges for pre-treatment and post-treatment accommodation of the patient. It even provides for a personal nurse and a language translator to the patient. NTP Healthcare aims at keeping the patient worry free and manages all the things for his comfortable and quality treatment herein India.

Our Concierge team is available for the Domestic and International patients seeking any support in Delhi NCR Areas

Medical Tourism in India

We ensure to give best medical tourism and treatment services over other countries owing to a comparatively well structured and developed health sector, easier travel access from the rest of the world and being safer & peaceful than other countries. For the above reasons India receives medical tourism from Afghanistan as well as medical tourism from Kenya and other African countries and also from the Middle east. The medical industry of India has many big players like Apollo Hospital, Altimis Hospital, Fortis Hospital and many more. A rich cultural heritage in medicine and high ethics of medical professionals has strengthened medical tourism in India.

Our Packages are also Serving Healthcare Services


Holidays with Healthcare Checkup- Benefits and Additional Holistic Support

Holistic Health checkup is a revelation in the field of medical advancements. For people living in foreign countries, it becomes quite a daunting task to bear the expenses of some highly advanced medical treatments. Such treatments can land you in deep trouble regarding the financial losses. Medical facilities for grave concerns in countries like the USA, Australia, and the United Kingdom are whoppingly expensive. This is very popular with the Tourist of 35+ years.

Thus it makes more sense to avail the services of Medical treatments of such life threatening causes in an affordable yet effective way possible. Visa Master Health Check program is one such effective and enthralling prospect in India which not only ensures a highly refined medical treatment but would bear the nuances of exploring amazing places in the cities. This would make for a medical trip with a 4-day tourist program as well. It sounds amazing, isn’t it? Holistic Healthcare Package is an amazing prospect which the foreign patients must choose for the best consequences.

Indian medical standards are well renowned all over the world, with the advancement of sophisticated machinery and reliable ethics of the treatment, it becomes the best value for money prospect for the patients who also get to explore the glorious essence of beautiful places in India. With the assistance of Veteran doctors, it becomes even more convenient for foreign patients to rely on the hassle-free services of the treatment.

Holistic Healthcare Package provides the best food with impeccable quality and makes sure that the patient feels leftout due to cultural barriers. The doctors are extremely professional, which makes it easy for them to create a fraternal bond with the patients. India is prominent for its rich cultural etiquette, and this is the reason why so many tourists prefer India as its priority for a trip.

Holistic Healthcare Package provides the best food with impeccable quality and makes sure that the patient feels leftout due to cultural barriers. The 


NTP Healthcare Holistic Healthcare Package has some highly refined with minimum consultation fees of 100$ and offer several payment options, which make it extremely convenient for the patients to book their treatment routines.

The patient doesn’t have to pay a single penny additionally. But if the doctor’s advice for further checkups after the treatments is processed, then the patient needs to pay for the services. Women are advised to not opt for the treatment in their menstrual cycle period. And pregnant women should also avoid treatment.

It is also advised that the patient should carry with him some basic documents like photocopy of Passport, ID for verification, and also a set of 3 photos. A person should also carry with him/her the reports of the previous treatments, which makes it convenient for the doctors to proceed with the practices.

The patient should also have the possession of the Letter signed by the Embassy with HAP ID as well. Patients are advised not to consume any harmful substances like Alcohol or cigarettes during the course of the treatment.

Bangalore is amongst the cleanest cities in India, and this would ensure that the patients would not suffer from the aggravations of unhealthy environments. The soothing elements of the glorious surroundings in Bangalore makes it an ideal place for a day out. A pretty balanced temperature throughout the day assures that the patient would not experience any hassles in the services of the Holistic Healthcare Package schemes. Some of the most incredible places in North India, which are must visit for the tourists can be planned as per the clients interest and treatment requisite.


International Air ambulance services

Several people don’t get medical attention and they lose their lives when travelling to another destination for medical treatment.NTP Healthcare addresses the emergency medical needs and offers reliable air ambulance services to the patients flying to our specialized areas of Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida and Faridabad for medical tourism & Treatment. With a team of experienced and skilled pilots, health professionals, doctors, medical experts, and administrators, we are confident that we can provide the best air ambulance services to the patients worldwide. We have evacuated several critical patients from one place to another without any hassle.

Air ambulance services

Why choose us for air ambulance services?

Air ambulances are well equipped with full-fledged medical professionals and doctors as per the ailment. They also have state-of-the art medical equipment and staff. Being an old player in the medical tourism industry, we understand the importance of air medical transport. We aim to provide smooth and comfortable international air ambulance services that give the patients and their family members complete peace of mind. Our air ambulance services ensure quality care for all the patients.

If you want to book an air ambulance in India, you can rely on Doctor Valley easily. We are available 24 X 7 and can assist you with the best services at affordable rates. We provide superior quality medical care through air ambulance services.

Even if you are looking for emergency air ambulance services for travelling to India for medical tourism, we can help. No matter what your requirements may be, you would receive world class treatment with air medical transport. Patients can eliminate geographical barriers and visit India for medical tourism. We can provide evacuation from anywhere to any hospital.

Share with us NTP Healthcare with your requirements and expect a level of comfort and satisfaction while you need to transport a patient from one place to another. The courteous and highly trained staff would be glad to assist you. Without compromising on quality, we deliver cost effective air transport services for critical patients all over the world.

Our Rich experience of more than three decades helps us in serving you the best.