Procedures: Liposuction abdomen, flanks and gynecomastia. MACS lift, Upper andlower lid blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty with septoplasty and Vaginoplasty.


Thanks you NTP Healthcare for all your timely support and on toes coordination

The arrangements were great. The surgeon was excellent. The hospital was great.

Thank you again for all your help in putting this trip where I am back home with all the blessings for you


From: Alpine, Texas, United States of America

Procedure: Facelift, Blepharoplasty, brow lift and liposuction


The surgery was a fabulous with the guidance of NTP healthcare. The Assignment managers at NTP healthcare were great during my time of mind numbing fear. Right from the very first Email to whatsapp call when I was researching for this face surgery, I felt that you they have been able to answer my questions and understood my concerns.

I was treated with the greatest of care and professionalism by the entire staff. The whole medical staff and the staff of NTP Healthcare made me feel very comfortable about the surgery.

I am extremely pleased with the outcome and cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job done! Choosing NTP Healthcare for my treatment in India was the best decision I could have made.

From: Queensland, Australia

Procedure: Rhinoplasty


I had been wanting to get the nose reshaping done for quite some time, but the charges in England would not allow me to do it. Thanks NTP Healthcare, I got it done at a much lower cost and am really happy with the results.

Pooja was really helpful and prompt in putting things together. Everything was nicely coordinated. The surgeon was very accommodating and the hospital staff very nice.

I am so glad that I came to India for this through NTP Healthcare. I shall recommend NTP Healthcare to all my friends and colleagues.

From: Istanbul Turkey

From: Cardiff, United Kingdom

After I read about low-cost cosmetic surgery in India on the internet, I started exploring options as I was already planning to come to India for my holiday tour. I came through NTP Healthcare and just thought of putting a query. I was sure I was not going to India for the procedure. But the way Hemant Sharma handled my queries, I must say was too good. He had answers to all my questions and answered all my queries very promptly and to my complete satisfaction. I was shown the CV of the doctor, the details about the hospital and all that I asked for. Deep down, I had apprehensions, but only till I landed in India. I was received at the airport, was taken to the hospital in an air-conditioned car. The doctor and the hospital staff were very nice and I had a wonderful experience going through NTP Healthcare. I recuperated in Kerala after the surgery, which I must say everyone should visit while in India. It's God's own country.

All I can say is God bless Hemant and the entire staff at NTP Healthcare for all that they did for me!!!! I have started loving and looking at myself again in the mirror !!!!

Procedure: Liposuction Abdomen, Flanks, Thighs, Buttocks and Chin

Procedure: Rhinoplasty

The care I received from NTP Healthcare was second to none. The surgeon was fantastic, very caring, helpful and attentive.

I would definitely return through NTP Healthcare


From: Cameroon

Procedure: TLIF Spinal Surgery


I am extremely thankful to NTP Healthcare  and their whole team for supporting me 24 x 7 get relief from the terrible pain that I was suffering from. My spine surgery has been very successful and I am completely pain free now. The surgeon and the nurses were great and very helpful & well conversant in English would also like to thank Pooja who was extremely cordial and very prompt with her replies.

Overall, it was a Relieving and nice experience for me.

From: Bristol, United Kingdom

Procedure: Cervical and Lumbar Spinal decompression surgery

My wife and I had a very successful trip. Very interesting short 5 day tour- well organized. The hospitalization and procedures were excellent and the nursing outstanding. All the tour was well planned in advance , our coordinator  Kanimozhi had done all in advance for us .

I wish I could extend my tour and enjoyed sightseeing around Delhi

Thank you Cindra!

Cindra Kent, Pereybere, Mauritius

Procedure: Brain Tumor Surgery


I am highly grateful to the whole NTP Healthcare team and Dr Singh at Manipal Hospital specifically for saving my life. The doctors in my home country Nigeria had clearly stated that if I do not get operated for brain tumour at the earliest, I would not live more than a month. But the promptness with which  NTP Healthcare  team arranged things for me was something extraordinary. I am extremely satisfied with the whole experience and completely relieved of all my symptoms.

Thanks a lot, God Bless & All good wishes from Richard family

From: Nigeria

From: Liverpool, United Kingdom

 When I met my dentist in Liverpool, he told me a number of procedures that my teeth needed and I was shocked to see the huge estimate that he made. My friend told me to enjoy vacation and treatment in India almost in one fourth of cost . I started browsing and came across few sites and then established communication with NTP Healthcare .They were really prompt and thorough with their work. I chose to get the procedure done in Mahabalipuram for which NTP Healthcare arranged my stay at a beautiful resort at quite a bargain. They meticulously planned my entire trip.Their efforts put me completely at ease and I thought I would not have to worry about anything. But alas! that was not the case. Just a week before I was supposed to travel, I had a major accident! All my bookings had been done and here I was lying in the hospital bed, struggling for my life. I had a major shoulder injury, for which I was immediately operated. My sister contacted NTP Healthcare people and they were so reassuring. They charged minor administrative charges and postponement fee for the flights and said that my payment would remain with them as credit, and I can use the money, whenever I plan to come to India. It is difficult for me to express, how relieved I was at that moment. They regularly contacted me to know my well being and finally when I recovered, I decided to come to India. All arrangements were done for me as planned earlier.I  I really enjoyed my stay to the hilt. My dental treatment also went very well and as expected at almost a quarter of the price at the United Kingdom.

I really thank NTP Healthcare for all the help.

Procedure: Dental work

Procedure: Knee joint replacement surgery


My Knee joint replacement surgery in India has given me a second chance to live life independently and on my own terms. I had become completely dependent and bed ridden because of the extreme pain and found it even difficult to go to the washroom.

Here the team has really helped me in this journey and I am very thankful to them. The surgeon and nursing staff especially were very nice.


From: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Procedure: Left Hemiplegia rehabilitation

I did not know what to do, where to go for the treatment. Most of the people in Dubai told me that it is very difficult that you can lead a normal life after such severe stroke. But my Daughter kept looking for options. US was definitely very expensive. It was when we learnt about NTP Healthcare and that the cost is fractional of what we would pay for the same rehabilitation in the US, we decided to come to India for stroke rehabilitation.

From bed ridden to walking independently is what I have achieved here. I am so thankful to everyone. God bless.


From: Dubai

Procedure: Spinal Tumour surgery


India is a friendly country of my country Sudan and that is why I chose to come here, out of the many options that I had. Besides, I found NTP Healthcare's replies to all my questions the best and above all very prompt.

We have found the people here very nice and helpful, during our stay here in the hospital and the guest house, before the operation and after it.

I sincerely thank NTP Healthcare, and all those who have helped me to be well, healthy and recovered.


From: Sudan

Procedure: Sleeve Gastrectomy

I had an overall A very good experience. Everyone treated me very nicely. The doctors were excellent.

Thanks, NTP Healthcare for all the support.


From: Surrey, United Kingdom

Procedure: Breast Reduction surgery


Thank you for your great service. It has exceeded my expectations in all ways. I would recommend you to anyone. Pooja has been incredibly prompt and thorough in all her responses to my queries both before and during my time here. The hospital staff has been wonderful- smiley and incredibly responsive. Dr Jain put me at ease instantly. Although I have not seen the final results, I am sure they will be wonderful.

Thank you,


From: New Castle United Kingdom

Procedure: Mitral Valve Replacement


I would like to thank NTP Healthcare for all they have done for my mother and me. Without NTP Healthcare our stay would have been very difficult. They made our journey to India very pleasant and were always very attentive to our needs.

I would recommend I NTP Healthcare to anybody wanting to come to India for medical treatment.


From: Zimbabwe

Procedure: Breast Lift & Augmentation

Dear Anjali,

I write to you with such pleasure and gratitude. You have helped me return  my confidence. The results of the surgery are very satisfying and I am smoothly gaining back to my health. I am extremely happy with my current look. I would love to return and get a face lift surgery in India and a vacation to Rajasthan

From: California, United States of America

Procedure: Lumbar spondylosis (L4-L5) with pain to radiating to left leg


I am so thankful to NTP Healthcare and their associate clinic for giving me my healthy life back. I had such bad back pain and pain in the left leg which had made my life miserable. My business was getting hampered; my life was so disturbed because of this pain all the time.

Thanks to NTP Healthcare and the entire staff, are very professional and at the same time caring in their approach. I am completely satisfied with the results of my spine surgery in India

From: Kenya

Procedure: Left hemiplegia treatment


Everyone said it is foolish to go all the way to India on a stretcher thinking that I can stand and walk after a stroke. Everyone recommended me to go either to the US or Germany for rehabilitation after a stroke, but somehow my inner voice pulled me to India.

The staff at NTP Healthcare provided me with all information I needed to make the decision. I spoke with Dr. Bakshi and that was really reassuring. The treatment and the staff were fabulous. With all the motivation of NTP  and Support of Doctor and Nurses around me can now walk independently without any support. My friends and relatives were awestruck when I reached back walking.

I even wrote an article about my recovery and experience, so that the people waiting to get treatment should know there exists a ray of hope for them also.

I must say Thanks a lot to Dr Bakshi and NTP Healthcare for there true efforts

From: Tanzania

Procedure: Rhinoplasty


Dear NTP Healthcare, I could not resist writing to you after I returned home . The service that you offered me was great. You were really accommodating and did everything for me at such short notice.

The hospital facilities were very good and it was nice that my mother could stay with me in the same room.

Both Anjali and Pooja were very helpful, prompt, and approachable on the phone and e-mail. I would definitely recommend you to everyone looking for surgery in India.

Excellent coordination between the Doctor, Hospital and NTP Healthcare team


From: Fiji

Procedure: Teeth extraction, implants, crowns and smile makeover, Breast lift


My teeth had been giving me severe trouble for so long and the charges for the dental treatment in UK are exorbitant. The amount of work that my dentist had suggested to me would have cost me a fortune in UK. That is when I decided I need to look out for my treatment and I zeroed down on India, since everybody is going gaga over it these days. And I am especially happy that I chose NTP Healthcare, since the kind of services that they have provided is excellent. On knowing the prices, I decided I could couple my dental treatment in India with my breast lift surgery, which I had long been thinking of.

Now that both my treatments are over, I am extremely satisfied and definitely plan to come back again for my tummy tuck as well. Great Job!

Thanks NTP Healthcare

From: Kent, United Kingdom

Procedure: Gynecomastia


Great services! Excellent and highly professional surgeon. I have no regrets in getting my plastic surgery in India than in my own country or in the USA

I strongly have all the good words for the Healthcare NTP Team

From: Baghdad

Procedure: Face Lift


I am very satisfied of the procedure. Pooja Mehra  and associates were all very nice to accommodate me. Even the doctor spoke Arabic, my maternal language. The food at the hospital was surprisingly good too.

I have only good wishes & recommendation for NTP Healthcare


From: Montral, Canada

Procedure: Face Lift, Neck Lift, Blepharoplasty, Lip augmentation

NTP has been fantastic during the whole process. From the initial contact right down to the final payment- Hemant, Kanimozhi and medical team they referred me to were very professional and informative. I felt welcome and safe during my stay and as far as the medical requirements were concerned, I wanted far nothing.

NTP Healthcare we wish and bless you always..


From: Tauranga, New Zealand

Procedure: Retina surgery


God bless for all that you have done for me. You saved my eyes by offering me the fastest and efficient services to bring me to India. I would always be thankful. I never thought all would ever happen for me with the personalized touch and personal attention of doctor and my coordinator at India finally my mission is succeeded.

From: Lagos, Nigeria

Procedure: Tummy Tuck and Body Contouring


I am so happy that I chose NTP healthcare as my service provider for getting my makeover done in India. Their services are awesome. It was perfect. I had no difficulty whatsoever. I reached India at wee hours and Celina was awake and coordinated everything from phone, though there were people to pick us from the airport, just to make sure that we feel at ease.

I am back to England and I am completely satisfied with the results. The prices are so less as compared to that in England. I convinced my husband to get the tummy tuck and gynecomastia done. Everything went smooth at the hospital and the surgeon was also very nice. I strongly recommend NTP Healthcare to everyone wanting to get any medical treatment in India & I further enjoyed 3 day Goa Trip  as well with my companion.

I shall come again for my face lift through NTP Healthcare may be eight to ten years from now when I will be 50 +

From: Germany

Procedure: Sleeve Gastrectomy Weight loss surgery


My experience with NTP Healthcare has been quite amazing- from the doctors to the nurses at the hospital and all patient representatives. From the first email sent out, Shweta was always good with quick responses, and always had an answer for all my queries.

I appreciate all the help and assistance I received.


From: Canada

Procedure: Weight loss surgery


I must appreciate that NTP Healthcare is very thorough and professional in its services to the clients. The care and services that I received were exceptional. The surgeon was amazing. He put me to ease instantly. The hospital they chose for me was great. I am really happy that I came through NTP Healthcare  

I would recommend NTP Healthcare to everyone looking for medical treatment in India.


From: London, United Kingdom

Procedure: Face Lift


This is now the middle of my visit to India. I came for two purposes, both equally important - to have cosmetic surgery and visit Rajasthan. As it worked out, the surgery was first: a facelift arranged by NTP Team The surgeon was a specialist in this field, and I also had a general practitioner to supervise my hospital stay. All due care was taken by the staff. Many pre-operative tests were done which I thought was very good.

All went well and I am very pleased with the results and all the people involved. Hemant from NTP Healthcare was so nice and was very prompt to answer all my queries and concerns. He took the utmost care that I feel comfortable while my stay in the hospital and in India. The entire process went so smoothly that I never realized that I was in an unknown country. And the cost is so less!!!!!! I strongly recommend NTP Healthcare to all looking for cosmetic surgery in India.

I am recovering nicely and am ready for my trip through South Royal Tour


From: California, United States of America